Monday, September 28, 2009

New Belly Picture!!!

I've been meaning to do a belly picture for a while. Of course the photographer in me wanted a certain shot. I couldn't find my backdrops (still can't find my backdrops) and the days passed by. I hated that the days were passing me by and I wasn't documenting what this growing boy is doing to my body. Hmm...that sounded as though I'm not happy with the changes but that isn't the case. I'm enjoying watching my belly grow and am curious about the new discoveries each day. I still feel great and so far pregnancy is agreeing with me. I'm still having minor back aches and a little discomfort when I sleep but nothing to worry about. I'm still not sure if I'll even bring it up to the doctor at tomorrows appointment.

Oh yeah, since I couldn't find the backdrops that I wanted, I decided to take the picture so that you can see the fall colors outside behind me. I'm standing in our sun room and even Nic thought I took this picture outside. This was a difficult self portrait to take. On this day, I'm officially 25 weeks 2 days...and I must mention that these are NOT maternity jeans! Granted they are a little tight but they still fit. Yippee! Can we say, carrying low? Enjoy. :-)


Diane said...

Such a beautiful,love,love

Gramma said...

What a lovely, growing belly it is!!! Yes, you are correct, pregnancy is surely agreeing with you! Love you, dearheart.....:-)

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