Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ergo Baby Carrier

Yes! Yes! Yes! I found this product before we decided to have kids. I found this product before we had plans to get married! I have had this product bookmarked for nearly 5 years! Now, finally, I get to have one! It's the Ergo baby carrier. There are so many reasons why this carrier is amazing. The mom that designed it really took mothers and fathers comfort into consideration when this was made. (Every strap is adjustable, shoulder and hip straps are heavily padded, chest strap keeps shoulder straps in place.) Primarily though, she took into consideration the physical and emotional development of the child. The way the child is situated into the seating area, the majority of the weight is distributed to the thighs rather putting unnecessary pressure on the spine. Also, it's not possible for the child to be outward facing. Either front or back. This is actually an advantage when you consider stimulation. When facing the parent, the kid and turn away from over stimulation or scary (to them) situations or people. It also allows much more eye contact and for them to read social cues from mom or dad. Wow! Something I probably wouldn't have thought of before I had my first little one. How many moms out there have had cranky kids from too much stimulation in a day! Uh huh. See how it's a good idea now?!

This is the carrier with the infant insert. This allows you to carry the baby before they have head control. This also allows the mother to breastfeed completely hands free while carrying the baby.

sleeping in carrier photo

The carrier can be worn on the front or back or on the hip. I probably wouldn't wear it on the hip but I like the option.

black carrier photo

Since the carrier can hold up to 70 pounds, it can come in handy with toddler that is too tired to walk. Or where a stroller cant go. Or a small child that feels like it's fun to be so close...sometimes. It can be found at It's only $104 for the carrier and $25 for the infant insert. It might seem like a fortune for a carrier but considering that I would prefer to use this before a stroller, I think it'll worth it's weight in gold! Don't get me wrong, I'll have a stroller too but I'll be using this in most circumstances. Go have a look. There are all kinds of things to read on their website. Many testimonials too.

This has been another installment of Kristiina's wishes and wants.


Pam O'Brien said...

Looks amazing! I can see Little Man will be on countless adventures with mom and dad!

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