Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Joys of Pregnancy

The joys of pregnancy are plentiful. Some are truly joyous, others sarcastic and many are just down right comical. I always laughed at the pregnant ladies on TV and in movies when they couldn't get off the couch or when they would literally roll out of bed. Let me tell you, I'm there. Well, maybe not completely because I will still be getting much larger but it certainly isn't an easy task anymore. My abs just don't want to lift me like they used to. I have to roll out of bed and Nic even had to help me off the couch last night. In my defense, I didn't ask him to. He gave me a good push after I leaned in that almost up kind of position. Then he so nicely let out a good laugh. Butt head! It made me chuckle too mostly because I wasn't expecting it but also because I didn't realize how much it looked like I was struggling to get up. I'm sure it's only going to get better from here. If this is the worst of my troubles, I think I'm doing well.

Other than, some more of the best smiling inducing kicks, nothing has changed. My belly is getting bigger and harder. Thankfully I've managed to avoid swelling and stretchmarks so far. I'm sleeping well when I make it to bed. I hate falling asleep on the couch! It seems to happen quite often during our snuggle time. I think snuggle time should be moved to before sleep time since that inevitably follows.

We've started working on baby stuff too. Nic has started taking off the trim in the nursery so we can refinish it. I started sanding the bookcase and nightstand so we can stain that and the dresser. It feels good, even though I do feel a little behind. I'm still tossed as to how I'm going to paint. I keep going back and forth between murals and traditional. One of these days I'm just going to have to commit!

Yesterday I had a holy cow moment. I was consolidating the baby clothes that we've picked up so far. While I was going through them, it was painfully obvious how tiny they are. And I was looking at the 3-6 month outfits. Holy moly. I can only guess how tiny the newborn stuff is! I couldn't help but imagine the little man that will be filling those clothes. It made me think of his tiny hands. His beautiful face. His helpless little cries. I wondered about is personality. His temperament. His needs. It's so humbling and intimidating to think that something, someone, so precious and so innocent could be so dependent on my choices and my capabilities. I know that perfection is only something to strive for so that we can be as good as possible but for him, its necessary. It's not an option to come close. He will get the best in me. There is nothing else more important than that.



Gramma said...

Kristiina, you and Nic will be amazing parents!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings.

Love you,

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