Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I got my car seat!

Yea! It was delivered yesterday! This is the first big purchase for the baby. It's both exciting and eye opening. It's real. We're having a baby. Our home is going to be filled with many baby/kid products for many years to come. Of course it's real. Feeling him kick me, I know it's real. But up until this point, there hasn't been anything life changing other than diet and moderate safety.

As with every major decision or endeavor in my life, I've done plenty of research. That's how I roll. I decided to go with a convertible car seat for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons was that I'm just not a fan of travel systems. I've known for a while that I would like a jogging type stroller over a traditional 4 small wheeled stroller. Any travel system that I've come across uses a car seat base with a snap in seat that can be used both in the car and the stroller. I also didn't find it necessary to have a giant seat to carry around with me everywhere, especially since I plan to use the Ergo carrier. Another reason I wanted to get a convertible car seat was cost. It seemed silly to me to spend a fortune for an infant seat and then again for a baby seat and then again for a toddler seat. I've heard from many mommies that bought 3 seats for no less than $100 a piece. Wow!

Just because I was leaning towards convenience and cost doesn't mean that I was willing to sacrifice safety. After looking around for a while and reading quite a bit, I found the Truefit car seat on learningcurve.com. It received a 4 star rating with the National Highway Traffic Administration and has been side impact tested. It has a 5 point harness, easy adjustable shoulder straps (non re threading) and an adjustable buckle at the crotch. It can accommodate a baby from 5 pounds to 65 pounds. It can be rear facing or forward facing. It also has a removable headrest. This comes in handy for placement in the vehicle. It can be rear facing without the headrest up to 22 pounds or with the headrest up to 35 pounds. The easily removable pads and liners will come in handy when it gets soiled. (I'm sure that wont be hard to do.)

So without further ado, here it is. These are pretty much the color that I got but the chocolate is much darker in person. It almost looks like a charcoal or black.

Of course that is the toddler position, with the headrest, to be forward facing. This is the infant position, to be rear facing, without the headrest.

Look at all that padding! It looks so comfortable! I think it is a good looking seat. Not that it matters but pleasing aesthetics is always nice.

The yellow nob at the back is where the shoulder straps can be adjusted. The red lever looking thing towards the front is where the seat belt is secured. Of course I took the time to open, inspect and learn the first product that will be used most to keep my little man safe. I already know each lever, nob, and buckle. I spent at least an hour examining from every angle, undoing the snaps to see under the covers and figuring it out. Only a few more months before we can put it in the truck. I would say I can't wait but I can. I'm really enjoying my pregnancy and don't want it to fly by too quickly. I will say that I am eagerly awaiting my boys arrival and will feel very secure putting him in this car seat.

Oh and deals! Did I get a deal?!?!? I've been all over the latest and greatest deal websites for babies, kids, and parents. I found this one on kids.woot.com. Normally this would have set us back a whopping $190! Ouch! But...and this is a big but...I got it for $99. Brand spanking new, no parts missing, still wrapped in plastic, in the original box, kind of killer deal! Ahhh...I love finding a killer deal! I've also been frequenting babysteals.com and mambargains.com. These are deal of the day kind of websites. Only one item offered each day, all day until it's sold out. If you have kids, grand kids or friends with kids...go check them out! You wont be sorry!

This has been another installment of Kristiina's wishes and wants. This wish has been granted and want fulfilled! Have a great day!


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