Friday, September 25, 2009

Armsreach Cosleeper

This is going to be an invaluable tool. I found this company right around the time I discovered the ergo baby carrier. This is the Arms Reach Co Sleeper. I prefer the original style over the universal or mini. It is a bassinet that attaches to the parents bed. It allows for the closeness and convenience of co sleeping without any of the dangers. Considering that I plan to breastfeed as long as possible. This will make our nighttime feedings much more convenient. Our son will be right by my side, within comfortable touching distance. I will be the primary care giver during the night to give Nic some downtime. Since I'll be staying home with baby as much as possible, I'm going to be up when necessary at night to eliminate Nic being tired while working all day. I know that he'll have plenty of bonding time between playtime, diaper changes and bath duty. I'm sure he wouldn't mind having a full night sleep. Also the convenience of having the baby in the room with us is that if he wants to be up with me while I lay in bed to feed, he wont have to fully wake up to feel like he's a part of the process. I was also a little concerned about this item being a unitasker. If anyone has watched Alton Brown on Good Eats then you'd know that the item would only hold one purpose in life. Not so cool. I want something to have many uses, versatility, extended life. This can also be used as a stand alone bassinet and a play yard. What's even better is that it folds up all nice and neat into a 10x10x30 carrying case. Since we have family all over the place, this will be very convenient as a travel bed too.
This will function as a play yard when he outgrows night time feedings too. It'll be something that we can have in the living room, out in the yard when we're gardening, or who knows doing what else.
Here is what it'll look like from my perspective. I'm sure I'll spend many hours watching our little guy sleep and coo.
This is more likely what it'll look attached to the bed with me watching over him. I doubt we'll have a sleep position-er but I haven't ruled it out yet. I need to do a little more research on that subject.
Oh and I love that there are pockets on all 4 sides!. Since a diaper change usually follows a feeding, it'll be convenient to have cleans on one side and dirties on the other, plus a pocket to hold miscellaneous things. Yeah, I think I have this all planned out. There's no need to get out of bed. :-) has the original sleeper that I would like to have for $209.99. This is an item that will be used for all of our kids in every part of our home. For that very reason, I would like to have something that is fairly neutral. I think that the Toffee/Short liner would fit that bill.

I found it in the Natural color on for $179.95 with free shipping. I found it in the Toffee color on for $169.99, shipping unknown. has it in Toffee for $169.95 and free shipping.

This has been another installment of Kristiina's Wishes and Wants. Have a good day!


Pam O'Brien said...

That's going to be awesome!

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