Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jeep Overland Stroller

I know I've touched on this briefly when I was talking about the Ergo baby carrier. I said that I wasn't a fan of travel systems and that I wanted a stroller that was more than just a 4 small wheeled, sidewalk only, stroller. Nic and I live in an area that pavement is few and far between. Not really but dirt roads are plentiful and we thoroughly enjoy getting out hiking in the woods. We are determind to continue our active lifestyle and bring our son along with us as much as possible. It's important to us that he grows up as an active child that enjoys and appreciates nature. We both agree that having a couch potato kid isn't an option. So, armed with the criteria that I would like to fulfill, I went hunting. The research queen in me found 4 strollers that were within an affordable range. Mind you, some strollers can range as high as $400 or even $600! That just absurd! I wanted to keep this under $200. I compared, side-by-side, 4 jogging strollers. Jeep Overland, Bob Revolution, InStep Ultra Runner and Schwinn Free Runner. In many categories, Jeep ruled!

It has more storage, smaller folding dimentions, partial seat recline (for sleeping babies and toddlers), hand and foot brakes (the only one to include a foot brake as well), as well as a safety leash (just in case it wants to get away from me on a decline), 1 year manufactures warranty, adjustable handle height and best of all...an iPod with speakers!!! I'm in love! Oh and it as the only one that is JPMA certified. That's the Juvenile Products Manufacturer Association. They are an organization dedicated to enhancing children’s product safety. In a world where marketing and profit rule over safety, I think it's important to have a company that can review and report without bias.

Here are the specs...

Product Features:

  • Lightweight Aluminum Frame
  • Soft-ride 16” Air-filled Tires with Air Pump
  • Smart Handle Adjusts to Multiple Heights
  • Stands Upright When Folded
  • Sun Canopy Adjusts to Block Sun
  • Removable Weather Shield Blocks Wind & Rain
  • Multi-position Reclining Seat
  • Large Basket & 2 Cargo Pockets for Storage
  • Water Bottle Holder
  • Snack Tray with Cup Holder
  • Speed & Distance Odometer
  • Adjustable 5-point Harness
  • Unique Rear Braking System for Quick Stops
  • Safety Tether & Reflectors for Safety
  • Features Music on the Move Parent Tray with Speakers, Amplifier & Jack
  • Two Parent Cup Holders

Weight / Dimensions

  • Height/Width/Depth: 29" x 22" x 36"
  • Folded Dimensions: 21.5" x 37.5" x 36.5"
  • Weight: 30 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 45 lbs.

Additional Information

  • Wheel Size: 16"
  • JPMA Certified: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • ASTM Safety certified: 1 year
  • Recline: Partial
  • Storage: Basket & 2 Cargo Pockets
  • Adjustable Handle: Yes
  • Brake: Foot & Hand Operated
I think our boy will love his stroller. Mommy already does. :-) The unfortunate part is that I originally found this product in a Wal-mart catalog. Ugh. I hate Wal-mart. The good thing is that it can be found at many other online retail outlets. Strollerdirect.com has it for $190.99. Target.com has it for $199.99. Babiesrus.com has it for $189.99. I'm sure a few more could be found with a good google search. I'm not sure which ones charge tax or shipping but I do know that a coupon could be found for babiesrus.com. They are always running deals.

Thanks for listening to my rambles.

This has been another installment of Kristiina's wishes and wants.
Monday, September 28, 2009

New Belly Picture!!!

I've been meaning to do a belly picture for a while. Of course the photographer in me wanted a certain shot. I couldn't find my backdrops (still can't find my backdrops) and the days passed by. I hated that the days were passing me by and I wasn't documenting what this growing boy is doing to my body. Hmm...that sounded as though I'm not happy with the changes but that isn't the case. I'm enjoying watching my belly grow and am curious about the new discoveries each day. I still feel great and so far pregnancy is agreeing with me. I'm still having minor back aches and a little discomfort when I sleep but nothing to worry about. I'm still not sure if I'll even bring it up to the doctor at tomorrows appointment.

Oh yeah, since I couldn't find the backdrops that I wanted, I decided to take the picture so that you can see the fall colors outside behind me. I'm standing in our sun room and even Nic thought I took this picture outside. This was a difficult self portrait to take. On this day, I'm officially 25 weeks 2 days...and I must mention that these are NOT maternity jeans! Granted they are a little tight but they still fit. Yippee! Can we say, carrying low? Enjoy. :-)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Armsreach Cosleeper

This is going to be an invaluable tool. I found this company right around the time I discovered the ergo baby carrier. This is the Arms Reach Co Sleeper. I prefer the original style over the universal or mini. It is a bassinet that attaches to the parents bed. It allows for the closeness and convenience of co sleeping without any of the dangers. Considering that I plan to breastfeed as long as possible. This will make our nighttime feedings much more convenient. Our son will be right by my side, within comfortable touching distance. I will be the primary care giver during the night to give Nic some downtime. Since I'll be staying home with baby as much as possible, I'm going to be up when necessary at night to eliminate Nic being tired while working all day. I know that he'll have plenty of bonding time between playtime, diaper changes and bath duty. I'm sure he wouldn't mind having a full night sleep. Also the convenience of having the baby in the room with us is that if he wants to be up with me while I lay in bed to feed, he wont have to fully wake up to feel like he's a part of the process. I was also a little concerned about this item being a unitasker. If anyone has watched Alton Brown on Good Eats then you'd know that the item would only hold one purpose in life. Not so cool. I want something to have many uses, versatility, extended life. This can also be used as a stand alone bassinet and a play yard. What's even better is that it folds up all nice and neat into a 10x10x30 carrying case. Since we have family all over the place, this will be very convenient as a travel bed too.
This will function as a play yard when he outgrows night time feedings too. It'll be something that we can have in the living room, out in the yard when we're gardening, or who knows doing what else.
Here is what it'll look like from my perspective. I'm sure I'll spend many hours watching our little guy sleep and coo.
This is more likely what it'll look attached to the bed with me watching over him. I doubt we'll have a sleep position-er but I haven't ruled it out yet. I need to do a little more research on that subject.
Oh and I love that there are pockets on all 4 sides!. Since a diaper change usually follows a feeding, it'll be convenient to have cleans on one side and dirties on the other, plus a pocket to hold miscellaneous things. Yeah, I think I have this all planned out. There's no need to get out of bed. :-)

www.Armsreach.com has the original sleeper that I would like to have for $209.99. This is an item that will be used for all of our kids in every part of our home. For that very reason, I would like to have something that is fairly neutral. I think that the Toffee/Short liner would fit that bill.

I found it in the Natural color on Amazon.com for $179.95 with free shipping. I found it in the Toffee color on Albeebaby.com for $169.99, shipping unknown. Babyearth.com has it in Toffee for $169.95 and free shipping.

This has been another installment of Kristiina's Wishes and Wants. Have a good day!
Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cocoon 7000 Crib

First off, let me say this...Holy Cow I love this crib! It's called the Cocoon 7000. I had a really hard time finding a crib that I liked. There was just something about most of the cribs that I looked at that made them look cheap. I knew I wanted a convertible crib because it seemed the most logical financially. (Slightly more initially but it will grow with our little man) I don't like all the fasteners showing. Call me crazy, call me superficial...I just don't want to see them. I want this to look like a quality piece of furniture because it's the largest purchase for our son yet. It deserves to be quality. I want him to like it. I want to enjoy putting him in it every night for bed.

This is what it looks like in the crib set-up
This is what it looks like with the Toddler rail on it.

This is what it looks like as a full size bed.
I love that it looks sophisticated. I love that it converts all the way to a full size bed. I think it'll come in very handy and save us money in the long run that this bed will follow our son for many, many years. Of course I also like that it meets all safety regulations, has 3 mattress heights and doesn't look like a mini jail cell with a million slats/bars. I'm looking forward to setting this up in our nursery and can already imagine our sleeping boy in it. The thought makes me smile. :-D

Now, Nic thinks I'm crazy for wanting this specific crib primarily because of the cost. He likes the aesthetics but thinks that we can find something a little more reasonable. Eh, I think he's nuts. He hasn't looked like I've looked. I have scoped in person, online and scoured for coupons. No such luck. I like this one and don't feel badly for this splurge because it's our ONLY splurge. Normally, I'm the penny pincher but because we are cutting costs on just about everything else, I think we (and our boy) deserves something nice. We already have a dresser, nightstand and bookcase that we are refinishing (Huge savings!) We have inherited his Papa's rocker, which I love! (Huge savings!) We are also refinishing a lamp stand...and I'm having Nic build the changing table. (Huge savings!) I'm even considering sewing my own bedding (because I can't really find one that I love). So overall, I think we should get it. :-) hahaha Oh and I've even done some research as to which web site has it the cheapest. www.Hayneedle.com has the crib marked down to $511.99, down from $614.99. I also think that we should get the rails necessary to convert the crib to the toddler bed and the full size bed, now. I've heard bad things about moms waiting until those pieces are needed to purchase them and the item has been discontinued. So, the toddler rail is $47.99, down from $57.99. The full size rails are $117.99, down from $141.99. In total...$677.97 and shipping is FREE. The good thing is that it ships in 4-6 days. Most places like babies r us and target ship in weeks. I just don't have that kind of time. This baby is due in 16 weeks. That's plenty of time if I order it now and if he decides to cook til he's full term. I just can't procrastinate. I'm itching to get this nursery done!

Well, those are my thoughts for the day.

This has been another installment of Kristiina's Wishes and wants.
Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Joys of Pregnancy

The joys of pregnancy are plentiful. Some are truly joyous, others sarcastic and many are just down right comical. I always laughed at the pregnant ladies on TV and in movies when they couldn't get off the couch or when they would literally roll out of bed. Let me tell you, I'm there. Well, maybe not completely because I will still be getting much larger but it certainly isn't an easy task anymore. My abs just don't want to lift me like they used to. I have to roll out of bed and Nic even had to help me off the couch last night. In my defense, I didn't ask him to. He gave me a good push after I leaned in that almost up kind of position. Then he so nicely let out a good laugh. Butt head! It made me chuckle too mostly because I wasn't expecting it but also because I didn't realize how much it looked like I was struggling to get up. I'm sure it's only going to get better from here. If this is the worst of my troubles, I think I'm doing well.

Other than, some more of the best smiling inducing kicks, nothing has changed. My belly is getting bigger and harder. Thankfully I've managed to avoid swelling and stretchmarks so far. I'm sleeping well when I make it to bed. I hate falling asleep on the couch! It seems to happen quite often during our snuggle time. I think snuggle time should be moved to before sleep time since that inevitably follows.

We've started working on baby stuff too. Nic has started taking off the trim in the nursery so we can refinish it. I started sanding the bookcase and nightstand so we can stain that and the dresser. It feels good, even though I do feel a little behind. I'm still tossed as to how I'm going to paint. I keep going back and forth between murals and traditional. One of these days I'm just going to have to commit!

Yesterday I had a holy cow moment. I was consolidating the baby clothes that we've picked up so far. While I was going through them, it was painfully obvious how tiny they are. And I was looking at the 3-6 month outfits. Holy moly. I can only guess how tiny the newborn stuff is! I couldn't help but imagine the little man that will be filling those clothes. It made me think of his tiny hands. His beautiful face. His helpless little cries. I wondered about is personality. His temperament. His needs. It's so humbling and intimidating to think that something, someone, so precious and so innocent could be so dependent on my choices and my capabilities. I know that perfection is only something to strive for so that we can be as good as possible but for him, its necessary. It's not an option to come close. He will get the best in me. There is nothing else more important than that.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Carters 5 Piece Diaper Bag

Check out this nifty diaper bag. I think it's right up my ally. I was thinking that I'd want a backpack style bag because I just can't bring myself to make the hubs carry something foo-foo or girly. But, I also want to use the ergo baby carrier...a lot. I don't think a back pack would work out too well with a carrier, so, I went on the hunt again. This set up allows me to have 2 bags packed. Short jaunts. Long day out. Both easily a grab away. I doubt I'll be using the bottle holder for its intended purpose since I'm going to exclusively breastfeed but it might come in handy if I need to pump while I'm out...or even to carry the little odds and ends. I think it's masculine enough to be carried by a daddy or used for a baby boy. I like the fact that both the bags have zippered tops. That will ensure that nothing can spill out if dropped (which I'm sure will happen more than once). And with my cautious and non trusting nature, I like that nothing can be easily snatched/stolen while I'm trying to care for my son. Best of all (and this is where my thrifty nature comes to play), it's only $29.99!!! (on buybuybaby.com or bedbathandbeyond.com) Wowza! When a lot of diaper bags range upward of $75-100, this is a steal! I've never been a purse kinda chick and just can't justify spending that kind of money for something that's only going to be used for convenience. Especially when we have other things that are necessities like a crib, changing dresser, room decor, infant carrier, breast pump, stroller, car seat, yada yada yada. Having a kid certainly isn't cheap!

This has been another installation to Kristiina's wishes and wants. Have a great day!
Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I got my car seat!

Yea! It was delivered yesterday! This is the first big purchase for the baby. It's both exciting and eye opening. It's real. We're having a baby. Our home is going to be filled with many baby/kid products for many years to come. Of course it's real. Feeling him kick me, I know it's real. But up until this point, there hasn't been anything life changing other than diet and moderate safety.

As with every major decision or endeavor in my life, I've done plenty of research. That's how I roll. I decided to go with a convertible car seat for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons was that I'm just not a fan of travel systems. I've known for a while that I would like a jogging type stroller over a traditional 4 small wheeled stroller. Any travel system that I've come across uses a car seat base with a snap in seat that can be used both in the car and the stroller. I also didn't find it necessary to have a giant seat to carry around with me everywhere, especially since I plan to use the Ergo carrier. Another reason I wanted to get a convertible car seat was cost. It seemed silly to me to spend a fortune for an infant seat and then again for a baby seat and then again for a toddler seat. I've heard from many mommies that bought 3 seats for no less than $100 a piece. Wow!

Just because I was leaning towards convenience and cost doesn't mean that I was willing to sacrifice safety. After looking around for a while and reading quite a bit, I found the Truefit car seat on learningcurve.com. It received a 4 star rating with the National Highway Traffic Administration and has been side impact tested. It has a 5 point harness, easy adjustable shoulder straps (non re threading) and an adjustable buckle at the crotch. It can accommodate a baby from 5 pounds to 65 pounds. It can be rear facing or forward facing. It also has a removable headrest. This comes in handy for placement in the vehicle. It can be rear facing without the headrest up to 22 pounds or with the headrest up to 35 pounds. The easily removable pads and liners will come in handy when it gets soiled. (I'm sure that wont be hard to do.)

So without further ado, here it is. These are pretty much the color that I got but the chocolate is much darker in person. It almost looks like a charcoal or black.

Of course that is the toddler position, with the headrest, to be forward facing. This is the infant position, to be rear facing, without the headrest.

Look at all that padding! It looks so comfortable! I think it is a good looking seat. Not that it matters but pleasing aesthetics is always nice.

The yellow nob at the back is where the shoulder straps can be adjusted. The red lever looking thing towards the front is where the seat belt is secured. Of course I took the time to open, inspect and learn the first product that will be used most to keep my little man safe. I already know each lever, nob, and buckle. I spent at least an hour examining from every angle, undoing the snaps to see under the covers and figuring it out. Only a few more months before we can put it in the truck. I would say I can't wait but I can. I'm really enjoying my pregnancy and don't want it to fly by too quickly. I will say that I am eagerly awaiting my boys arrival and will feel very secure putting him in this car seat.

Oh and deals! Did I get a deal?!?!? I've been all over the latest and greatest deal websites for babies, kids, and parents. I found this one on kids.woot.com. Normally this would have set us back a whopping $190! Ouch! But...and this is a big but...I got it for $99. Brand spanking new, no parts missing, still wrapped in plastic, in the original box, kind of killer deal! Ahhh...I love finding a killer deal! I've also been frequenting babysteals.com and mambargains.com. These are deal of the day kind of websites. Only one item offered each day, all day until it's sold out. If you have kids, grand kids or friends with kids...go check them out! You wont be sorry!

This has been another installment of Kristiina's wishes and wants. This wish has been granted and want fulfilled! Have a great day!
Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Grandparents Day!

Today is Grandparents Day! Happy day to all the grandparents and expected grandparents out there. :-) I wanted to share that (soon to be) Grandpa O'Brien got a special gift from little man today. He got a good swift kick to the hand! Nic and I have been clearing out the nursery and talking about the things that will be changing in there and what we will be doing with the furniture. Since we have 3 nice oak pieces that we would like to spruce up, I took a timeout to do a little research on stain colors. Of course my dad (soon to be grandpa) was flipping between golf, tennis and football. Very typical. While I was pecking away at the computer, little man started tapping at me. Nic has felt it many times and grandpa hasn't. I called him over and put his hand where I felt the most recent kicks. He felt a few small ones and told me he was going to camp out a while with his hand on my tummy. I smiled and said "go for it!" Just as I said that, the dude kicked. Boy did he kick hard! It made us both laugh. He gave us a few more small pokes and then changed positions on us. Grandpa was very excited that he finally felt a kick and smiled even bigger when I told him that it's grandparents day.

Have a wonderful day! I hope your grand kids make you smile today!
Friday, September 11, 2009

Whoa Nelly!!!

Holy rib pain batman! I knew that there would be aches and pains that came with pregnancy but wow! I've been feeling a little bit of tenderness just under my boobs for a while now. My OB told me that there would be discomfort when my abdominal muscles started to separate. OK, I can take that. I'm no sissy. They have only intensified over the last week or so. My newest whoa is the back pain. Just under my shoulder blades, it's the most intense ache I've ever felt. It almost makes me feel short of breath. Since it's going to be another 2 1/2 weeks til my next doctor appointment, I did some googling. It turns out that my ribs are spreading to accommodate the organs that are being pushed upward. Yea! I just love that! (Can you hear the sarcasm dripping from that statement?) As if I really needed to buy yet another bra! My band size has increased more than my cup size! Geez!

Can I just tell you about the lower back pain? It's so low it feels like my upper butt. haha That sounds funny but how else can I describe it. I must have turned over 50 times last night (poor Nic). I even had the thickest pillow I could find wedged between my knees to alleviate some of the hip pressure/ pivoting...whatever it might be. It helped some but I felt the most relief when I put a fist just above my tailbone and pushed with all my might. I heard about 10 pops and pleasantly went back to sleep. :-) Is it from bad posture? Too much time on my feet? (No ankle swelling yet, thank goodness!) Is it sway back from the weight of my growing belly? Shoot, is it temporary or is this what I have to look forward to for the next 17 weeks? Wait! Don't answer that. I think I might be disappointed.

On a happy note, little man is as active as ever! I felt him kicking all over the place yesterday while I was at work. Two nights ago, in the middle of the night, I felt a new sensation. It kinda felt like a roll under my belly button. Now, I've felt the summer salts and flip flops. This felt more like a prolonged poke that moved. I think this might be the beginning of being able to identify body parts. Of course I don't have a clue what body part that was but it was small enough that it could have been a foot, hand or elbow. I can't wait til Nic can start to see these movements. I've been seeing my belly jolt, pop and bounce for several weeks now but it seems like Nic is never looking at the right time. This morning was a first too. I was rubbing my belly and talking to the little dude when I let my hands rest on either side. Three times in a row, I felt movements on both side simultaneously! It was quick but I think it might have been a stretch. It was clear that I was feeling both head and feet. I'm still amazed at how big he's getting. This pregnancy seems to be going so fast! Oh and I felt the first bladder kick. What fun! hahaha He kicked a few times and each time I had the urge to pee. I can only imagine what this is going to feel like when he gets stronger!

This is the most recent picture I've taken. It was taken with Nic's camera on his iPhone just before bed. It was at the 22 week mark which was almost a week ago. I'll be 23 weeks on sunday.

Well, I'm going to toast myself a homemade English muffin. Mmm...Mmmm! This mama is hungry! Have a great day!
Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ergo Baby Carrier

Yes! Yes! Yes! I found this product before we decided to have kids. I found this product before we had plans to get married! I have had this product bookmarked for nearly 5 years! Now, finally, I get to have one! It's the Ergo baby carrier. There are so many reasons why this carrier is amazing. The mom that designed it really took mothers and fathers comfort into consideration when this was made. (Every strap is adjustable, shoulder and hip straps are heavily padded, chest strap keeps shoulder straps in place.) Primarily though, she took into consideration the physical and emotional development of the child. The way the child is situated into the seating area, the majority of the weight is distributed to the thighs rather putting unnecessary pressure on the spine. Also, it's not possible for the child to be outward facing. Either front or back. This is actually an advantage when you consider stimulation. When facing the parent, the kid and turn away from over stimulation or scary (to them) situations or people. It also allows much more eye contact and for them to read social cues from mom or dad. Wow! Something I probably wouldn't have thought of before I had my first little one. How many moms out there have had cranky kids from too much stimulation in a day! Uh huh. See how it's a good idea now?!

This is the carrier with the infant insert. This allows you to carry the baby before they have head control. This also allows the mother to breastfeed completely hands free while carrying the baby.

sleeping in carrier photo

The carrier can be worn on the front or back or on the hip. I probably wouldn't wear it on the hip but I like the option.

black carrier photo

Since the carrier can hold up to 70 pounds, it can come in handy with toddler that is too tired to walk. Or where a stroller cant go. Or a small child that feels like it's fun to be so close...sometimes. It can be found at ErgoBabyCarriers.com It's only $104 for the carrier and $25 for the infant insert. It might seem like a fortune for a carrier but considering that I would prefer to use this before a stroller, I think it'll worth it's weight in gold! Don't get me wrong, I'll have a stroller too but I'll be using this in most circumstances. Go have a look. There are all kinds of things to read on their website. Many testimonials too.

This has been another installment of Kristiina's wishes and wants.
Tuesday, September 8, 2009

2 are growing to 3

Well, after a little trying, the hubs and I are expecting again. With great joy, we've gotten through the scary part and are sailing well in our second trimester. Actually, by the end of next week I'm officially 6 months along. I haven't really done it on purpose but I've managed to not blog, not take many pictures of my growing belly or even keep a journal. It's quite strange really. I'm excited beyond belief! I've just found it hard to keep tabs like I was with the first pregnancy. We found out on Mothers Day that I am pregnant. It was a pretty cool day to find out, I think. We were able to hear the heartbeat at our 12 week appointment on June 2nd. It was a rocking 153 per minute. Since then we've had our 16 week appointment and a 21 week appointment. This pregnancy has been flying by with ease and with very good health reports. My BP is a wonderful 110/58. I've had no morning sickness since about 14-15 weeks. I've had many healthy cravings of beef and milk. That's not exactly out of the normal for me but the doctor seems to be very pleased with my choices. I've been able to feel the baby move since 14 1/2 weeks and Nic has been feeling it since 18 1/2 weeks. At first it was sporadic and caught me by surprise but the last week has been very regular. I can feel the movement just about anytime I look for it and I even felt it when I was running around at work the other day. I think that was the first time when I was busy and not sitting completely still. I can feel the increase of hormones. I'm not an emotional person by any means and have caught myself getting teary in the simplest of situations. Once when I was walking through the baby section at Kohls. I made sure to hightail it outa there asap since I was alone and looked like a crazy person. Another when I was reading though my mothers blog about missing my grandfather. He would be beaming with joy, I just know it. I still miss him often. It makes me tear up thinking about it now. It's still a little overwhelming and surreal to think that we're bringing a life into this world. Just last night I was looking at my belly in the mirror as I was getting ready for bed. I've wanted to be a mother for so long and we were always waiting for the right timing, it just felt like it would never come. I can't quite put into words the joy it brings me to grow our family, to have a child with the man I love, and to witness the miracle of human life. Yet at the same time, I'm concerned about the changes it'll bring in our relationship, the trials that child rearing will inevitably bring or the never ending life lessons that will fill our days to raise a moral and well mannered child. It's strange how many things I can feel at once. No matter what thought runs through my head or new emotions course through my body, joy still rules my heart. Sometimes I think it's just going to burst. I can see myself being a blubbering fool on delivery day. It's ok though, I welcome it.

Oh and I must say, we've also had our fetal scan at 18 1/2 weeks. This would be the ultrasound that scans for healthy growth, measures organs and makes sure that everything is developing properly. It is most commonly known as the gender scan. :-) Of course everyone is hoping for healthy reports but look forward mostly to discovering if their little peanut is a boy or a girl. Our little peanut didn't want to cooperate. Legs were crossed and tucked up tight. There was moving and wiggling a lot through the ultrasound but no shot to give us a sneak peak. Well daddy and I were quite eager to know and we also wanted to be able to plan accordingly (that's the type A personality coming out in me). We looked 3 times! On the final shot, the very end of the exam we discovered....we're having a BOY!!! Of course daddy did a double fist pump in the air and emphatically said, "I got my Boy!" I'm so happy we're getting a boy first. I'm giddy that I can give my husband a son. I'm overjoyed that our little man is healthy, strong, active and cherished (even before birth). We can finally plan a nursery. We can start purchasing items that he'll need. We can FINALLY start talking names. Goodness, that will be a while before we can agree on one!

Such a sweet little man. He was a total of 6 inches long and 10 ounces in weight. It was only because we had a great and generous sonographer that we were able to get a 3d shot. I'm still blown away by his detail. He's so small yet so perfectly formed. I could stare at this picture all day. I see his father in every part of it. He already has his fathers lips, chin and head shape. He's so handsome and so beautiful. I can't wait to be holding my healthy baby boy.

Thank you for following my ramblings. I realize that most of this is a bit disjointed but I promise the following blogs will be better. :-)
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