Monday, December 21, 2009

The Hubs

That's my affectionate name for my Nic. The hubs. The hubby. The man. He is MY man. ;-)

Yesterday was a pretty exhausting day for me. We didn't do much more than errand running but I sure was wiped out! Nic and I had some cuddle time on the couch as we flipped channels. Needless to say, I passed out early. Nic was awesome. He fed the dogs, took them potty, finished the laundry I started and came back to snuggle each time. :-D He even put me to bed with as little waking up as possible. What an awesome hubby!

Last night wasn't a very restful sleep (it usually isn't these days) so I was semi conscious when his alarm started going off this morning. I pushed my body pillow aside and snuggled some more. Of course the belly gets in the way but I think he likes feeling the big belly during our snuggle time. That's when he told me that the little man was moving like crazy last night. Really? When? When we were snuggling on the couch. Oh...when I was sleeping? Yeah! Daddy got some good quality bonding time with the boy and mom didn't even know! I love little moments like that. :-D

Also last night, before snuggle time. He was rubbing my belly and shook it a little. Then came an emphatic "you have to come out now!" I just couldn't contain my giggles. I asked him if he were ready for an outside baby. With the look of an eager kid his response was, "uh huh!" I asked him if it were the kisses, hugs and snuggles that he wanted. He said, "well, all of it. I just want to see him." That man is too precious! I love it!

Speaking of my hubs. I just need to brag on him for a moment. As most of you know, we moved to Vermont for work. More specifically, his work. He's been building a 15,000 sq ft log cabin in the mountains of Vermont. This has been no small undertaking! He stepped foot on the job for full time work, the second week of May 2008. They started flying logs the next week. Now, less than 18 months later, the job is coming to a close. There will be a few landscaping things to take care of in the spring but for the most part, it should be done within a few short weeks. This is what the front of the cabin looks like now. :-) I'm so proud of my man and his many talents. He makes everything look so effortless.

Have a wonderful day!


Pam O'Brien said...

Nice bragging on The Hubs! What a doll-baby he is! :-)
The house is amazing - and I love that evening shot of it! Wish it would have opened a little bigger, though.

Gramma said...

What a tender and loving "Hubs" you have, Kristiina!! Great post!

Wow, to think this big project is finally coming to a close, and your "Hubs" played such a huge role in making it happen. I would be very proud too!! Gorgeous photo, by the way ;-)

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