Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cutting Down the Chritmas Tree

Last Saturday Nic and I took a trip to the farm to pick out a Christmas tree. Last year we had a great experience with 'Christmas Trees of Vermont' and decided to get our tree from them again this year. It was a short ride from our house and we were glad that we could include Mom and Dad DiOrio in the process. Mom is a HUGE Christmas nut and knew she'd enjoy doing it with us. The farm has many acres of Douglas Fir and they are VERY affordable. They provide saws to cut them down, hot cocoa, tractor rides to get them from way out in the farm and even bundle it for you so that transporting it to you home is easier. Top notch operation for sure! It was a beautiful day too! It was quite unexpected since the forecast was calling for a rain/snow mix and a 60% chance of precipitation. We didn't get a drop! How awesome is that!

Here come the pictures. Could I possibly do something this fun and not have a zillion photos to post about it?!

This is the barn. I couldn't resist. It was just postcard perfect. :-)

Here Gary's thinking, 'Here she goes with the camera'. Nic is already busy scanning the horizon for the perfect tree.

Still scanning. At least Dad has realized that it's just best to ignore me and let me do my thing. It's futile to resist.

Once I caught up with Nic, he announced, this is the one! Honestly, it was the first tree we found. He spotted it from at least a 100 yards away and made a bee line for it.

Mom and Dad agree and as you can see, Dad was eager to get cutting.

But of course, I thought we should check out a few others. I don't know why. It was perfect on all sides. Full to the very bottom. And tall!

But Nic informed me, 'You know you want it'.

And I did. We did venture a down the rows of trees to see if any compared and none were as perfect as this one. We quickly came back to make sure no one snatched our prize tree. This is one of my favorite shots of the day. I made sure all the settings were right on the camera and I handed it over to Dad to snap a few pictures of us. It's rare that Nic and I are actually in a photo together. (Unless I have my tripod with me...which reminds me...I need a better one!)

Then the boys got to cutting.

Look up and smile for the camera! I'm amazed that I actually got a smile. It's usually a half smirk and a look of 'seriously, I'm trying to do something here'.

Haha! Love that tush! Sorry guys and gals, I couldn't resist. Maybe next time I'll think twice about sharing it with my viewing public. ;-)

Way to go Dad! What a way to hold up that tree for him!

Dad just loved the way the fresh cut Fir smelled.

Of course he didn't like the fresh, wet saw dust stuck to his nose.

You'll think again next time. Wont you?!

Normally this is the part where we take a tractor ride to get the tree to the area where we pay and bundle it but we were so close to the main barn that the boys just decided to carry it. Last year, we were in the middle of no where and needed someone to bring us back. That was fun.

Aren't they handsome?!

Handing it off to get tied up. We got a little red tag so we didn't lose the tree we picked.

Nic and Dad actually had to do this part twice. We realized that we picked a tree slightly too big for our house. I don't think there will be room for a star on top this year. I'll see what I can do. ;-)

Oh ok. It fits...barely.

Dad think we did well! Everyone had fun!

I can just read his mind here...'oh you again and that dang camera!"

Nic as making sure it was positioned well on the the little mat that I set up. Since we just refinished the floor, we didn't want to risk water marks. I laid down some plastic and a towel over it to catch anything that might drip out while we water the tree. Not pretty but it works. You'll never be able to tell once I have the tree decorated and the skirt on it.

The hot water trick to make sure everything stayed open and flowing. It sure was hard getting that teapot empty.

Now comes the time for the unwinding. Thankfully it had only been bound for 30 minutes or less. We didn't have to let the branches fall before I could start doing lights. What a pleasant change. Now if only I could get my butt moving on finishing the lights. I already have 8 strands of lights on it and it looks like I may need 2 or 3 more. This sucker is BIG! Unfortunately, I have to go buy more. I think that's a project for today.

I just couldn't resist snapping a few pictures of this little angel. Her being on the couch is a new privilege and she thoroughly made herself comfortable within the pillows and blankets.

My sweet little darling Kaelyn

Well, those were our adventures Saturday to get the Christmas tree. I've asked Nic to take a few pictures of me decorating the tree and it's yet to happen. If nothing else, I'll be sure to post a few pictures of the finished product.

Stay tuned for a belly update soon. This thing is getting HUGE and I'm really wanting to take another picture. My self portrait spot is filled with baby stuff so I'm in search of a new location. It'll be coming soon though. :-)


Pam O'Brien said...

Awesome! Man, that sounds like a fun day - and it looked so pretty with the blue sky and sunshine.
Gary and Diane looked happy, but cold. ;-)
I look forward to seeing the finished product... actually, also some of you achieving the finished product!
XO Mom

Gramma said...

Wow...what excitement! Sure is different from my annual tree experience! Let's see; go to the garage, unveil the little beauty (translated, take off the sheet)grab the first available male to carry it into the living room, and voila! Decorations, lights, already done! Plug her in and enjoy! Do you suppose our age difference and residential locations may just play a small part in our differing "get the Christmas tree" process??

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