Saturday, December 19, 2009

I sure hope I can hold out!

This little man is going to come whenever he is ready. I understand that. Though, with that being said, I really-really-really hope we can hold out until AFTER the holidays. I've said it before and I'll say it until he's born, I want his birthday as far from Christmas as possible. I think he'll be able to enjoy both more if that were possible. Separate holidays. Time to recover from one before fully diving into the next. Also the development advantages of cooking a little longer.

I think I've already had all of the warning signs indicating that my body is preparing for labor. The kind of signs that means it can happen within a few weeks, a few days or even a few hours. I've had everything except water breaking and regular contractions starting. Even the last one I say tentatively.

Two nights this week, I've been woken up by contractions. The first time I wasn't sure because I only had 2 but they were real. I recognized what they were once the second time happened. On Thursday night I had 3 hours of contractions that were 20-25 minutes apart. They were the most intense in the second and third hours but stopped just as Nic's alarm was starting to go off. Unfortunately, what I felt, leads me to believe that I will be among the mothers that have back labor. Ugh. I hope I'm wrong! I have been guzzling water and resting as much as I can (hard thing to do with so many holiday tasks to accomplish). So far, no more contractions since that night. Thank God!

I've also noticed that the little man has dropped. Yet another sign indicating that he is ready and waiting. Wednesday night I was getting ready for bed. As I like to do often, I took a peek at my belly in the mirror. (I love my big belly and love to see it grow.) I noticed that it looked drastically different. It's not like I let weeks go by without looking....I love looking....I look more than I probably should! But, there it was, not even 24 hours since I had seen it last and it's completely different. This is no small task either. I've carried low this entire pregnancy! I really wasn't sure if I was going to get that telltale dropped look because I really didn't think there was anywhere lower for him to go. And my ribs! Oh my Ribs! They feel so much better now! I've gained at least 4 inches between where his feet were firmly planted and where they now poke me. I'm sorry to disappoint but I just don't have a picture for proof. It will be coming soon though. I'm itching for another round of belly shots!

That brings me to the holidays. I think it's a bit too cold for me to do anymore belly shots outside. The last round was pretty chilly being bare belly in the 30's. Our most recent averages have been in the teens. I just might have to bring the last round or two indoors. It kinda messes with my theme of passing seasons but it is what it is. I have an idea or two floating through my head.

Thankfully, I was able to get holiday presents and cards out in the mail today. Should be enough time for everything to show up on Christmas eve. It's difficult shopping for family when they are so far away. I'm the type of person that likes to get someone something that they wouldn't buy for them self. I don't get obnoxious, cheesy, as seen on tv, crap. I listen throughout the year about things that interest them. Books they'd like to read. Games there think are cool. Pampering or splurtastic items. It doesn't have to be expensive to be splurtastic. It just needs to be something that someone might put off buying for them self. Without having those chit-chatty kind of conversations...I'm missing vital info! I'm hoping that I fished for clues enough that I managed to get everyone something they'll love.

Since I didn't have a belly picture to share, I will leave you with this. This picture was taken in my front yard after the first true snow we've had this winter. This is on the Barberry bush. Enjoy.


Pam O'Brien said...

What next? ....LABOR!! Hope he holds out till I get there.
Look forward to the pic (but glad I got to see on Skype!)

Gramma said...

Aww, Kristiina....I so wish I could be living close to you while you experience these wonders of creation! How wonderful that you and Nic are so in tune to and are savoring every stage and detail of your pregnancy! You're going to be awesome parents!!

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