Sunday, November 22, 2009

Yea for progress!!!!

I love progress. Especially when it's on a project that's been the only thought on my mind! Nic has been a working fool. He's so good to me. We've procrastinated and hesitated and dragged our feet on getting this nursery done. I know he wants to do it and get it done but it's hard to find the motivation to work on your day off. He does this stuff 5 days a week and thinks about it 24/7. I can't blame him for not wanting to put in full days on Saturday and Sunday but this Mama has been chomping at the bit to get something completed. He made me a very happy camper this weekend.

All day Saturday he worked on electrical. He was in the attic for about 90% of the day, pawing through insulation, discovering hidden junction boxes and scratching his head at the mess of wiring this house has. It was no small task to get new wiring to the nursery but he prevailed. My honey bunny did it! He had a big helping hand from my dad, Grandpa O'Brien. I would have done my best but I probably wouldn't have been as big a help as he was. They made a good team.

On Sunday, I was the assistant. With the majority of the electrical in place, it was time to put up new drywall. It sounds like the electrical part would have been easy considering there wasn't drywall up but we were putting the drywall over the plaster. It would have been a mess and very costly to tear all of the plaster out. It was much easier just to go over it. We covered the ceiling with 3/8 inch drywall and the walls with 1/4 inch. It was a little more costly to do the 1/4 inch but we had to. The original idea was to take off the baseboard, refinish it and put it back on after the drywall. When we tried to remove it, we discovered that the baseboard ran behind the floor (another 3/4 of an inch below floor level) and the wood floor was toe nailed to the base. Needless to say, it wasn't coming out without cutting it or damaging the floor in the process. It's a good thing we like it and planned on keeping it. We just refinished it in place. The 1/4 inch drywall allowed us to still have a reveal and a lip to put the decorative trim piece back on. When everything is said and done, you shouldn't even be able to notice the difference. It makes my head spin just thinking about it. We're not completely done yet. We have completed the ceiling and 2 walls. We still have 3 walls to go. Huh? A room with 5 walls. Yeah. The way the closet is bumped out, it's technically 3 with a small door wall...but I didn't count that one. It's only going to take a few scrap pieces to cover that anyway. I was hoping to have the wall board finished today but I'm still pleased with how much we accomplished. It was tough work and I'm glad Nic let me help. We'll probably finish the wall board tomorrow and he can work on taping the joints. As soon as that's done, I can get going on sketching the mural. :-D

It was a beautiful day here today too. Believe it or not, we had the windows open the entire day. It was in the 50's which is unseasonably warm for Vermont in the end of November. I'm thinking it might just stay warm enough for me to have the windows open while I paint too. :-) That would make for a happy Daddy. It's cute the way he's become so protective. Sometimes I snap back at the things that he wont let me do but he has a good rebuttal. He says, 'Do I ever tell you that you can't do something when you're not pregnant? Then just listen to me when you are. You can do anything you want after you have our son.' I guess I really can't argue with that kind of logic. He's just looking out for our best interest.

So, as predicted, here are a few shots that show what we were working on today. I didn't manage any of the electrical day since I was out running errands for a lot of it and neither Nic nor Dad were in the mood for photos. I doubt I would have been able to get a good one of him in the attic anyway. As usual, I'm not in ANY of these photos. I have to remind Nic to take a few pictures of me all the time. It's like I wasn't even there. Vacations too! Today I couldn't really blame him. He was busy. I managed to snap a few as he was doing things I couldn't help with.

Here Nic is assessing the situation over morning coffee. Notice he's still in his pj's and not quite fully awake yet. Up and at'um!

Now we're in work mode. We've been working for a little while now and we're still working on the ceiling. Notice my pencil drawings getting covered? I knew they would. That was my trail run. I'm looking forward to doing the mural. :-D I only have to wait until the mud is done!

Still working on the ceiling. He started to yell at me at this point. He just doesn't appreciate my documenting process.

Ok. Well, I still managed to get a smile out of him.

Here we're ready to move onto hanging the walls but we need to mark where the electrical boxes will be. Wouldn't you know, the very first one we try to do, we hit a stud. Duh. Great start huh?! Thankfully the rest were relatively pain free. It's not very easy going through plaster and cement board.

Another angle of the same hole. Sometimes I just can't help taking pictures of my handsome man.

Yea! Progress! Notice the headlamp. Since this room doesn't have electric at the moment, Nic needed some sort of supplemental lighting. It starts to get dark at 4 around here. Sheesh! Since this room has East and North windows, he needed some light help before 3! How's anyone supposed to get some work done?

Look at that posture! hmm...there goes more of the doodles.

This is the last wall that we got done today. We had a few more pieces to put up after this long sheet but they were smaller pieces around the door. Once we finished that, we could barely see in front of us let alone the tools we were using and spare pieces of drywall. The headlamps could only work for so long and Nics shop lights are at the job. Oh well, work with what ya got....right?

So that was our day. I'm pooped and Nic is already passed out in bed. I guess I forfeited the belly rub when I let him climb into bed without me. I need to blog earlier next time!


Pam O'Brien said...

Awesome! The room is looking fantastic. I'm glad you were able to get so much done... since it gets dark at 4, afterall! Geesh. It's dark here at 5:15... I thought that was bad!

Gramma said...

Okay, so I've seen new walls and great looking floor boards, but I'm anxious to see the colors and furniture! That's gonna be one awesome room when it's finished! As for dark, it's a bit past 5:30 when darkness hits us.

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