Sunday, November 15, 2009

We're having a Boy! Oh, did we already know that?

Well Friday was a pretty big day! Nic and I ventured almost an hour to Keene New Hampshire to get a 4D ultrasound. I made sure to have a little something to get him moving. (I wasn't too worried about it since he's quite active but better safe than sorry.) Nic was excited but I was SUPER excited. I couldn't wait to see when our little man looks like and said it only a few dozen times on the way there. :-D I also wanted her (Kim, the ultrasound tech) to double and triple check the gender because the very day before, I had another dream about a baby girl. Yeah. It made me nervous because we have already had a baby shower. We've already made purchases with a baby boy in mind. Not to mention we'd be starting from ground zero on names. Well we're not much further along on boy names anyway. That's a whole other story. Let me just say that I am thrilled we are having a boy and it's not just cause it'd throw of our game plan so far. We found out that he's already in a head down position and the big bump on my left side is his tush. It was also nice to see that the poking and prodding I get in my ribs and on my right side are his precious little feet. I don't feel so bad pushing back now since I KNOW it's not his head! ;-) So lets get the pictures started! The video will be posted in a separate post as soon as Nic shows me how to edit it and shorten it a bit. Don't worry, I wont take out any good stuff...just the extra stuff that makes it 40 minutes long!

Here's Daddy. Wishing I didn't bring the camera...again...

Me, giddy and ready to see my boy!

This is the sweet little room that we did the ultrasound in and the TV in which we were able to see him.

This is Kim. She was a sweetheart! She was very nice and made sure that I was comfortable through the whole process. She even let us run a little late since she didn't have another appointment after us.

She was even nice enough to take a picture of us. She was a little worried about using my camera. It could be a little daunting if you aren't familiar with a dSLR. :-)

Here I am all jellied up and waiting to begin.

This is a cute flower that Kim made of my belly. The belly sure looks smaller when I'm laying on my back. :-D

Here's our little man. Eyes open and a little smirk to go with those big, fat cheeks.

Here he has his eyes closed and his chin resting on his hand. Just like Mama does often.

I love this little scrunchy face.

Lets pucker up and how off those cherub cheeks!

This is a 2D shot of him flexing his toes. Can you see them? His hand is just to the right of his toes. He just finished tugging on them. Too adorable!

This is just further proof that we have a boy on our hands! We didn't get a picture to prove the gender at our 18 week ultrasound so here it is. Just in case anyone had a you don't! Hahahaha

Finally, this is one of my favorites. I must say that the 3D picture we got of this man at 18 weeks was the spitting image of Nic. This one reminds me of a baby picture of myself. I can't wait to hold him in my arms, study his face and really see the combination of the two of us.

Such joys await us. Hope you like the picture!


Pam said...

Aw! Looks totally different than he did at 18 weeks!
I don't see either of you now... will just have to wait till I see that precious little face in person.

Gramma said...

Wow, today's technology is so astounding!! Another very interesting post by my precious, mother-to-be granddaughter! Thank you for sharing with us.

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