Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Exciting News!

A picture is worth a thousand words! We're going to be parents! Nic and I have known since December 23rd and it's been a very hard secret to keep. Merry Christmas to us! Now that we've had our first prenatal appointment and have seen that teeny tiny, ferociously beating heart...we can spill the beans about our little peanut! We have an estimated date of arrival around August 27, 2009. Although...I think the doc might be a tad behind. I think it'll be more like August 22nd or 23rd. I suppose only time will tell. :-) The longer the better I suppose. Lets make sure this little one is ready to join the world when they arrive.

We are excited beyond words! I have been feeling great so far. Nausea has been staying at bay and I have very few food aversions so far. Burnt toast seems to be the worst as of yet. I have also been craving meat like I own a slaughter house! Chicken, Ham, Beef...makes no difference as long as it's with every meal! HA HA I have also started eating many meals throughout the day. It seems to help keep the nausea away too. Nibble, nibble nibble....but I'm making every bite count! I have also been extremely tired and have moved up my bed time significantly. Even then I find myself dozing on the couch fairly early and taking many naps when I get the chance. I seem to toss and turn more lately. I'm usually a heavy sleeper but discomfort keeps me moving. If it's not the achy shoulders, it's the sore back...if it's not the sore back, it's the sensitive boobs...if it's not the boobs, it's a little bit of nausea...but I suppose it'll pass soon enough. The final outcome will be worth the many sleepless nights. Both during pregnancy and after. :-)

I have been following the pregnancy with a neat day to day journal. It's called "The Pregnancy Journal" by A. Christine Harris, Ph.D.

There are many places in the book to note my mood, energy level, appetite, morning sickness, cravings, waist size and weight. As of January 12th, 2008...I'm in my 45th day (which counts from day of conception...funny, but yes...I know it). Today (day 46) it tells me...the cells that will form our baby's nose develop around the nasal sacs as the facial tissues fuse to form the rudimentary parts of the face. By today, the elbow region is clearly visible and the arms have a complete network of arteries and veins. Also by today, the toe ridges have appeared on each foot plate. The skin on the foot plate folds down between future toes, distinguishing each from the other. It also gives me info about nutritional needs and physical changes that I might be noticing. Most of it related to nausea and boobies! Fun!

Stay tuned! Many more fun facts to come!

Nic and Kristiina


Pam O'Brien said...

:-D! That's so awesome! I love this picture of "our little peanut." I'm looking forward to the regular updates here... it's gonna be so fun!
Let me know when I can "go public" on my blog.


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