Saturday, October 3, 2009

99 Days!

It's official! I'm in double digits! Only 99 days until I reach my due date and I (hopefully) will eagerly be working towards having our son in our arms.

This has been a pretty awesome week. So many great things have happened. On Tuesday I had a doctor appointment. Everything is going great. I'm still gaining weight in moderation. We're both growing right on track. My belly is measuring 25cm. He even told me that we can do another ultrasound in a few weeks for fun. :-) I love my doctor! We had a great talk about many things to expect in the weeks to come and with delivery. The more and more I do my research and pick his brain, the more I realize that I found a doctor that has the exact same protocols as I would prefer. He's well read, laid back and will let nature take it's course rather than intervene. I don't think I could be as comfortable with another doctor. He's awesome! He does a great job of keeping Nic involved at all of our appointments too. He makes sure to ask both of us questions instead of just addressing me.

I have also noticed that little man's movements have changed. They feel more deliberate and prolonged. They aren't spastic pokes anymore. They feel like rolls and pushes. He's been very active and most days I wonder when he actually sleeps. I can feel him early in the morning when Nic kisses me goodbye, in the later morning when I'm laying in bed, after I drink my morning coffee, all day long when I'm running around at work, ALWAYS when I'm puttering around in the kitchen cooking, A LOT when I'm hanging on the couch with Nic and then again as I'm laying in bed trying to fall asleep. I. can. not. figure out his sleep patterns. Does he snooze for 15 minutes at a stretch and then kick me for half an hour and repeat? Don't get me wrong, I love it, I love feeling him. I just wonder if I'm ever going to sleep again once he gets here!

I also had an exciting week professionally. No, not at the restaurant. Waitressing is just a means to get by. I'm talking about my photography. For quite some time I have dreamed of turning my hobby into a career. My passion into a profession. My creativeness into an income. Since moving to Vermont, I have focused on landscape photography. I have also made it a point to document the massive undertaking Nic has taken on as a job. Well, my documentation has turned into my good fortune. The owner of the house saw some of my photography and LOVES it. He has asked me to take photos for marketing and real estate listings. This will be my first paying gig under my own professional name! No longer a second shooter. No longer letting someone else make the big money off my work! This gives me great hope for building a career out of pictures. I longed to do something that I loved. I want to be able to make my own hours. I want to be able to stay at home with my son yet still contribute to our household financially. This is an answer to prayers. This makes me happy.

So, I've floated through this week. I hope I have several more. just. like. this. :-D

161 days down and 99 more to go. So many things to do!


Gramma said...

My Dear Kristiina....I'm so happy you had such a great week! Here's wishing the same for for the coming weeks and may your next 97 days be awesome ones!

Love you,

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